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Venue graphics

I absolutely LOVE designing building graphics. There are so many different styles and possibilities. You can go from elegant line drawings to full colour neon. The choice is yours!

Bespoke requests

I have graphics of a few popular buildings and icons (such as Edinburgh Castle and Berwick bridge) ready to go. However, I never design the same thing twice so even if you choose something I already have, it will be changed and customised to suit. Please send me a message if you'd like to see the full list of existing graphics.


1. Venue and building graphics lend themselves well to map style table plans. Pic a few of your favourite spots as table names.

2. Create your own couple timeline. Map out your journey together in buildings - from primary school, to where you met, to your wedding venue.

3. Choose buildings from around the world - those you've visited or those you'd like to visit as a couple.

4. Design an imaginary skyline montage of your favourite places - hotels, restaurants, landmarks, bars, churches, castles, workplaces (!) and use it throughout all your stationery.

5. Choose buildings from places your guests have travelled from.

6. Create a custom graphic of your wedding venue. You can even add in a cartoon of yourself, your pets, flowers... whatever you like!

Please contact me with any questions or bespoke graphic requests!


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