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Autumnal wedding stationery pattern




Glass Bulldog is run by one person

My name is Kate Pearson and I'm a fully qualified Freelance Graphic Designer from Peebles in the Scottish Borders. With 13 years of experience in Graphic Design and a BA in wedding planning, you are in super safe hands!

I design from my home in the countryside, where I live with my fiancé and beloved pooch. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from my surroundings and love of animals.

I'm planning my big day too! 

I am getting married this year (woohoo!) and it has been a fascinating insight into weddings from a different point of view.


I chose my suppliers based on word of mouth and my own experience. If, like me, it's important to have suppliers who will enthuse about your big day as much as you do, I am your stationer!

Fun Facts

I once went on Splash Mountain with Harrison Ford in Disneyland. For balance, I also spotted Michelle McManus at Glasgow Fort - she told me she had just eaten garlic. I got a photo. 

I have a Blue Peter badge. I drew the local road bridge with glitter crayons for a 'Light-up Britain' competition. 

I absolutely love dinosaurs and my first pet was a cat called Topsy Triceratops Pussy. Did you know we are closer in the grand scale of time to the T-Rex than the stegosaurus was? 


The best day of my life was seeing hippos in the wild in South Africa. It was beautiful and I cried. I don't even especially like hippos.

The Scottish Borders

I grew up in Peebles and spent ten years away from home gaining formal qualifications and invaluable experience. From Glasgow to Hollywood, London and Edinburgh I was fortunate to land some brilliant, fun jobs.

I returned to the Scottish Borders and went freelance, splitting my time between Peebles and Innerleithen.


I feel fortunate to be able to pursue such a fun career, whilst working with other UK wedding suppliers from the comfort of my hometown...and my sofa... in my pyjamas. 

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