Find out more about the Graphic Designer behind Glass Bulldog Wedding Stationery.

Based in Scotland

Glass Bulldog is run by one person

My name is Kate and I'm a fully qualified Freelance Graphic Designer from Peebles in the Scottish Borders. With over a decade of experience in Graphic Design and a BA in wedding planning, you are in safe hands!


If you have a pressing wedding question, ask away -

I'm sure I could help!

Founded in 2018

Previously part of 'K Graphic Design' Glass Bulldog was created so K Graphic Design could focus on business design and branding.  


Wedding and Business clients have different interests and the company division makes appealing to both easier.

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Fun Facts

I once went on Splash Mountain with

Harrison Ford in Disneyland.

I have a degree in Event and Entertainment Management, an HND in Graphic Design and a Blue Peter badge.

I love dinosaurs and my first pet was a cat called Topsy Triceratops Pussy.


The best day of my life was seeing hippos in the wild in South Africa. It was beautiful and I cried.  I don't even like hippos.

The Scottish Borders

I grew up in Peebles and spent almost ten years away from home gaining qualifications and invaluable experience.  From Glasgow to Hollywood, London and Edinburgh I was fortunate to land some brilliant jobs.

I returned to the Scottish Borders and went freelance, splitting my time between Peebles and Jedburgh. There are loads of great businesses in the area.  I feel fortunate to be able to pursue such a fun career, whilst working with other UK wedding suppliers from the comfort of my hometown.