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Scottish Highland cow Wedding Invitation




  • What information do you need to quote?
    • Any design ideas you have - from concepts to colour schemes • How many of each item are required • The date of your wedding so I can check availability Pricing is calculated by adding my design fee (which depends on your style) to print costs, which are dependant on guest numbers and printing style.
  • How much does it cost?
    I would love to have a one size fits all price list - many nights have been spent trying to make one. Elements that affect the price include: how much detail is involved, what material items are printed on, any special finishes and quantity. My pricing reflects my experience and quality of service offered - I'm a fully qualified graphic designer with 13 years of experience. To give you an idea, orders range from £200 to thousands of pounds. The average spend for bespoke invitations is between £375 and £800. The average spend for 'in-house' invitations is £200 - £400. Printing on matt, textured or soft touch card is the most cost effective option. Finishes like foiling and acrylic are at the higher end of the scale. Please get in touch for a free quote! It is helpful to know your budget, I will do my best to make it fit!
  • Can you work to my budget?
    I can try to! If you have a budget you can't go over it's really helpful to know before quoting. I use a huge range of different finishes and design techniques and try my best to fit everyone's budget. It's not always possible, especially if you are looking for a luxury finish like foiling or acrylic.
  • Do I need Save the Dates?
    If you ask my mum that question she will tell you they are a pointless fad! However, if your wedding is at a popular time of year or you have guests from overseas it doesn't do any harm to give them plenty of notice. It's also the first thing your guests will see, which is exciting for those who can't wait to get started with the wedding planning process!
  • When should I send my wedding invitations?
    Usually I advise couples to consider when their venue and suppliers need information such as menu choices and final numbers. You should also consider allowing time for people to book accommodation or annual leave if required. In my experience, 3-6 months in advance is average.
  • I have an idea but I'm not sure if it will work - can you help?
    Of course! No matter how strange/vague/unusual your request I will endeavour to help :)
  • Can you do last minute orders?
    It depends on my schedule at that moment in time. Send me a message and I'll do my best to help.
  • How long does printing and delivery take?
    5-15 working days from design approval depending on the type of printing you choose. I request your 'on the day' stationery is ready to go to print a minimum of six weeks before your wedding day. This allows room for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise - bad weather, couriers having a bad day, sickness etc.
  • I'm getting married next year - should I make a booking now?
    In short, it's up to you! I run Glass Bulldog alongside my other company K Graphic Design which makes for a busy diary! If you would like to guarantee your spot, booking in plenty of time is advisable. To secure any booking I take a non-refundable 50% deposit with the final balance due before printing or handover of final files
  • Do we need to meet?
    It's up to you. I don't meet many of my couples although I feel like I know them! It's possible to complete the whole process via email. If you prefer to meet in person I'm happy for you to come to me or to meet within the Borders region.
  • Are acrylic invitations expensive?
    The design fee remains the same as with any other invitation but the printing technique and finish is more expensive. A great cost effective alternative is 'vellum' - google it!
  • I'm inviting couples and families, how do I fit them on an RSVP?
    There are lots of ways you can fit multiple people's responses on one RSVP - please get in touch for some examples. Top tip: delegate RSVP collation to a friend or family member, it will make them feel involved and be one less thing on your to do list! You could also consider a website - which is hugely popular at the moment.
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