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wedding stationery.

customise Glass Bulldog's most popular designs with your choice of wording, colour and font

Gold foiled Highland cow wedding invitation

Highland Cow.

Glass Bulldog's Highland cow wedding stationery designs can be customised to suit any colour scheme and card size. You could opt for bespoke and choose your own additional graphics.

Recommendation: Add some foil for extra sparkle!


Go bespoke: Ask about incorporating coos into your existing theme - check out the examples below.

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Pippa and Jonathan - Bespoke Tartan stag invitation


Glass Bulldog's Stag wedding stationery designs can be customised to suit any colour scheme. It's the perfect choice for a Scottish or countryside wedding. There are a host of stag, deer and antler graphics to choose from.

Recommendation: Textured card is my favourite finish for this collection.

Go bespoke: Get a deer drawn just for you, add your wedding flowers, foil or tartan.

© Glass Bulldog 2018 - 2024

day and night
Floral wedding stationery suite


The floral suite can be adjusted to suit any colour scheme. It looks beautiful when printed on textured or matt card .

Recommendation: This suite lends itself well to lots of individual cards - (e.g. info & RSVP) giving you a chance to show off your colour scheme.

Go bespoke: Ask about incorporating specific flowers - perhaps the favourite flowers of a loved one, national flower or your chosen wedding day florals.

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Day and Night wedding invitation_edited.jpg

Day and Night.

A light day theme for your day guests contrasts with a dark evening theme for your night guests. It can be adjusted to suit any colour scheme. Choose your own wording and table names or numbers.

Recommendation: This design looks beautiful on matt velvet card with foil. 

Go bespoke: A lighter day and darker night theme works across any design. It is particularly effective when used for enchanted forest invitations.

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