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RSVP guide

The information required from guests varies from wedding to wedding. I have answered the most common questions below.

What should you ask your guests?

• If they are attending

• Food choices (if applicable)

• Dietary requirements

Extras you may wish to include

• Do guests require a seat on a bus (one way or both)

• Song choice

• Drink choice

Can you fit responses for multiple guests on one printed RSVP?

Yes, you only need to send one invitation and one RSVP per family/couple. Advise your wedding stationery designer how many people are in the largest group so it can be factored into spacing.

How do guests respond?

The most popular type of RSVP is a small card that is returned via post. You can include menu choices for multiple guests. You could also have a small card that simply has a return email address or telephone number. Furthermore, you could simply include a line on your invitation saying ‘please RSVP to x email/number or address’.

The second most popular option is asking your guests to reply via a wedding website. You can include the URL, or QR code for guests to scan, on your invitation. Wedding websites are a fantastic way to keep your guests updated in the lead up to your big day, it also makes RSVP collation a simpler task.

In short, whatever suits you!

When should guests RSVP by?

Chat with your wedding suppliers. Your venue will require information such as final numbers, dietary requests and food choices, your stationer will need names for your table plan and place cards etc. Both of the previous will have cut off dates that will help you decide when you need responses by.

Typically invitations are sent 3-6 months before the wedding with guests having 4-6 weeks to respond.

If you would like a quote for invitations and RSVP cards please get in touch


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