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Acrylic invitations

My sister is getting married in January and liked the idea of acrylic invitations. I'm so glad she did as it has opened up a whole new world!

Acrylic has been a big wedding stationery trend this year and I hope it continues through 2020 as they're great fun to design.

The samples I have are white ink but full colour is also available, making acrylic wedding stationery possibilities endless. I can literally create anything you like 😁

What can be printed on acrylic?

• save the dates

• wedding invitations

• table plans & signage

• place cards

• table names/numbers

• single sided orders of service

• menus + more!

How easy is acrylic to send in the post?

Easy! but it does need to be protected. I would recommend a box with some padding, placed inside a Jiffy bag.

What can I pad the box with?

Anything you like really but remember to think of weight! Here are a few tried and tested ideas:

• leaves, flowers, moss and foliage

• place the acrylic over an info card designed to complement it

• line the box with wrapping paper

• tissue paper

• fabric

• glitter paper

• foiled card

• bubble wrap

• velvet or felt

• a pretty envelope

Is it expensive?

Acrylic is more expensive than card or paper but not ludicrous! Pricing depends on the number of invitations you need, any additional cards (RSVP etc) and chosen design. For a free quote please get in touch! 😁

TOP TIP: Boxing your invitations yourself can save you pennies! I am happy to recommend excellent suppliers ranging from flat pack boxes to luxury bespoke foiled cases.


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