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Couple cartoons

Want wedding stationery no-one else will ever have? Use your face!

A couples cartoon is the ultimate in personalisation. All of the cartoons I create are drawn from scratch - they are your very own one of a kind graphic.

Make it you

Little things people notice about you can make all the difference in creating a lifelike cartoon. In the past I've been asked to include specific make-up, tattoos, clothing, jewellery, shoes, hairstyles and poses that people associate with couples. I can also add your pet!

When I attend wedding fairs in the Borders people often recognise previous bride and grooms and have a good giggle at how spot on little details are - "that's just how she has her hair" or "He LIVES in those shoes!". If you hit the mark, a cartoon wedding invite is sure to impress your guests.

TIP The best way to ensure I capture your likeness is to send me lotttttts of pictures! I often ask clients to tell me as much about themselves as possible. Having a good idea of someone's personality helps me visualise the final graphic. Some of the examples given are from business clients but you get the idea!

Points to note:

• Cartoons can take a little longer than other stationery due to the attention to detail. A timeline will be agreed at the time of booking.

• I cannot use existing cartoons even if you provide them. These include gaming avatars, Simpsons avatars, bitmoji characters, Disney characters etc as they are copywrited - i.e. owned by other companies. However, I can promise you will love your bespoke graphic even more!

• I am more than happy to provide your cartoon as a graphic suitable for future use. You can use it for: phone/laptop screensavers, greetings cards, personalised bed linen - whatever you fancy! 😁

Please get in touch if you would like a free quote :)


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