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Glass Bulldog Wedding Stationery

I'm sad to share that I have had issues with theft of my intellectual property. Being a Graphic Designer is my full time job, I run two companies. It took years of education, learning and hard work. I am at a loss to understand why people would lift my work, other than it being the easy option. 

If you are a wedding stationer, crafter, virtual assistant, PR company, graphic designer, Etsy seller, student or web designer viewing my website to copy designs, structure, wording, branding or ideas please leave. Please think about your actions from a moral perspective and the impact it could have on your business reputation. How would you feel if someone did it to you?

For clarity, this refers to my website, designs, written content, marketing and ideas. If you agree to replicate my work for a client or customer you are implicated in the theft of my intellectual property.


Theft of intellectual property will be pursued, publicly.  

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